17 May

Using Social Media

As an independent owner run Estate Agents we can make decisions on the spot, and thats where the independent Estate Agents sets themselves apart from the large corporate companies.

Lets look at social media. We use facebook and twitter, not only to advertise our properties but sometimes to give an overview of the market, to let people know of new incentives and to make us more approachable.

With new properties coming onto the market, they are all put on facebook and twitter with a link to full details. For us this kind of advertising is immense. If Cross Estates has 300 followers, asnd half of those followers then re-tweet the property, within an hour that property could have reached over 10,000 potential customers. The same with facebook, we have followers that will then share that property and again within hours the amount of potential customers this has reached will be far beyond what the printed press or websites can give.

If you haven't tried social media then give it a go. you can find us on twitter @CrossEstates and on facebook as Cross Estates.


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