18 Oct

Tips for viewing property

1. Ask direct questions -It is important to be aware of what you are buying into - That means asking the tough questions you might normally consider impolite so you uncover problems at the outset. Always enquire about why the seller is moving on and ask whether there have been any issues with the neighbours. The seller doesn't have to tell you about any problems with the property, so it's up to you to investigate.

2. View the property at different times of the day -It is worth looking at the property once during the day and once at night to identify any obvious problems. Having the advantage of being able to view any outside areas will help with your early decision making and noise levels might change depending on how close the location is to bars and other public venues.

3. Ask yourself if the property suits your requirements -Even if there are no obvious faults with the property, it is important to consider whether it represents the most practical option for your needs. Think about whether the rooms are big enough for your furniture and if the place will require significant investment.

3. Consider the location -Remember to take a walk around the local area surrounding the property to check its proximity to any main roads or overhead flight paths that could add excess noise. Look at off-street parking and any planned developments as well.

4. Don't be pressurised -Buying a house is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Take your time looking around the property and try not to cram too many viewings into one day. If you see one you like, go and view it at least a few times, listen to what the agent or seller is saying and think objectively about your decision.

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