Cross Estates Energy Performance Certificates

Cross Estates - Estate Agents in St Ives - EPC graph

An EPC informs the potential buyers of a property or tenants of how energy efficient a property is by providing a grading for the energy performance of a home from A to G. A being very efficient and G not so!

The EPC show two things about the property:

  • The energy efficiency rating ( based on how much the home would cost to run)
  • The environmental impact rating (based on how much carbon dioxide is released into the environment because of the home)

There will also be a recommendation report outlining what improvements could be made to the property in order to achieve the highest possible rating. This report is for information purposes and as a seller or landlord t here is no legal requirement to act on any of the recommendations.

The EPC must be ordered prior to marketing of the property. Failure to provide an EPC could result in heavy fines for the vendors, landlord and or agents involved.

For more information please contact us on 01736 793939

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